Written and Directed by Mark L. Smith


Lauren (KANDIS ERICKSON, "CSI: NY", "Cold Case") thinks her dorm room is haunted by a little girl. Water turns on, lights flicker, things tumble about on their own. Lauren’s roommates are sure it’s just Lauren’s imagination. But Lauren knows they’re wrong. And so does Grant (JOEL GEIST, "Windfall")… he lives at the other end of the hall, and he’s seen the little girl too. He’s even done some research… discovered that this old dorm was once an apartment building, and that the little girl that lived in Lauren’s room was Cara , and she fell down the elevator shaft forty years ago. So during Thanksgiving break, with the dorm empty except for the security guard, the kids decide to hold a séance.

But what Lauren and the others don’t understand is that their séance can’t bring Home a ghost that’s already there. But what they did bring Home was Spence (ADRIAN PAUL, "Highlander", "Tracker"), the building’s one-time maintenance man and local serial killer, who killed Cara, and was executed thirty years ago. But none of them know Spence is there, because he and Cara are both only visible in the dark. In the light, the kids are blind.

It’s not until several of the friends have disappeared that the others realize they’ve trapped themselves in an empty dorm with an invisible killer. So they must throw the dorm into total darkness, and discover a way to send Spence Home to where he came from before he kills them all.

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