Written by George Blumetti and Maurice Kelly
Directed by Geoff Schaaf

PORTAL is a mystery/sci-fi/horror in the vein of “Memento”
meets “The Twilight Zone.”

Soon after finding their way into the shelter of the mysterious, fog engulfed town of Mercy, Hooke (CHRIS CONRAD "Young Hercules", "Quebec") and Gibbs (ALEXANDER MARTIN, "Three Priests") plan to rest up for their next day's journey only to realize, as nights turn to nights, that time is not only on their side... time doesn't exist.

As the men search desperately for a way out, the town slowly reveals its unsettling and dark history through its seemingly endless nights, secret rituals, and events that repeat themselves to the point of insanity. The travelers are lured deeper with each passing moment into this mind play of horrific discoveries that lead to events of their own past they never knew they had forgotten.

Portal also stars KEVIN DOBSON ("The Bold And The Beautiful, "One Life To Live", "Knots Landing"), ANGELL CONWELL ("Soul Plane" ), JESSICA BARTH ( "Next") and MARY STEIN star of "Babe, Pig in the City".